Nothing New Under the Sun

A "disabled Holocaust survivor" wrote that, as such, he is trained to detect Nazis, and he knows, from this [hold-your-nose-and-vote-Republican] column, that I would have been a top Nazi commandant at a gas chamber. My office at Las Vegas was defaced several times…

In many ways, from simple reading or listening to scholarly studies we know that the media, especially the Respectable Media, the respectable press, and national TV, are overwhelmingly left-liberal in ideology. And we know, too, that the media have been, for a long time, biased against conservatives and libertarians and in favor of left-liberalism. (I’m not talking so much of the owners, who range from mildly liberal to mildly conservative but the editors, writers, newsmen, actors, entertainers, comics, etc. – the "cultural elite.") But, until very recently… the media – except when they are clearly labeled as columnists, commentators, or Op-Ed writers – sometimes tried to cleave to an ideal of objectivity and fair-mindedness, to provide some kind of balance, so that the public has the tools to make their own judgments and decisions.

That is no longer true. Within the last year… the media have cast aside any pretensions of objectivity. Bias, love of liberals and hatred of their enemies, oozes out of the media at every pore. Take the way the TV and press treated the two conventions. Everything about the Democratic Convention was prettified and glorified to make it seem a love-feast of unity and reasonable "moderation." Any sour notes were played down or buried by the media.

And then, at the Republican Convention: everything any Republican said was immediately countered, even in headlines, either by some Democrat "refutation," or by the journalist’s own phony "correction" of the record. No stone was left unturned in this quest. The media made the Republican convention out to be disunited, riven, captured by "right-wing extremists"; when the truth is that conservatives were no more dominant at this convention and on this year’s platform than they have been for a generation…

Often the public, which has a healthy distrust of the liberal media, can see through the distortions… [b]ut how can the public see the truth when the media are not only systematically biased but are now engaged in faking reality?

Mordant commentary from this past election season, I’m sure you’ll agree. The comedy reverse is that, as those of you with adroit title-parsing skills have already determined, this passage is not from this past election season at all. No, these words were written in 1992 by the great Murray Rothbard, who adopted a "devil you know" approach to the election and advocated Bush as preferable to Clinton. This is interesting to me mainly as an illustration of how little things have changed; the Cult of Left was screaming "Nazi" and vandalizing the property of horrible "Nazi sympathizers" who spoke out against Clintons even twenty-five years ago, and the media was faking news for the Cult’s benefit. Heck, Rothbard even comes scant inches from using the term "fake news!"

I can’t be the only one who’s coming to the conclusion that even those of us who do learn history will still be fated to repeat it.

On the bright side, that same article also includes the immensely quotable line "compassion for pregnant widows and divorcees is one thing; admiration for sluts with kids is quite another," about which I simply cannot contain my enthusiasm.

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