Requiem For a Dream

Socialized medicine is an unmitigated, unforgivable sin. Placing disconnected bureaus composed of the worst dregs of humanity in charge of determining whether or not a helpless, beautiful little baby will live or die may not be the evil of the greatest scope man has ever devised, but it is quite possible the most acutely disgusting evil. The state must be destroyed, root and branch. This ridiculous hallucination that distant bureaucrats can somehow orchestrate human interaction in a way that makes it better, fairer, more just, or more humane is madness of the highest degree. If you’re not prepared to agree with that yet, what are you waiting for?

Charlie Gard is dead, murdered by the government of the United Kingdom for no better reason than to assuage its pride. Downing Street was unwilling to accept that its sacred socialist hellhole of a medical establishment could possibly be outperformed, and the government sentenced this tiny little baby to death instead. As the father of a precious little squeaky boy not yet a week old, it is impossible for me to put into words my utter revulsion. Not here, anyhow, on a family-friendly blog. We do not engage in gutter language here, and I lack the imagination needed to express sufficiently foul vitriol any other way. So I must leave it to your imagination.

I am very well aware that governments around the world — my own very much included — engage in constant, wholesale slaughter of human life. The brilliant work done by professor R. J. Rummel on the subject is very much known to me, and it’s worth noting that Professor Rummel explicitly excludes murders committed by states under the banner of warfare. Believe you me, it is not a secret to me that, when Washington remote-explodes a wedding, innocent people — each one of them somebody’s beautiful boy or girl — are senselessly slaughtered. It is disgusting. It is madness.

And yet, somehow it lacks the immediacy of a government calmly ordering the extinction of a baby it allegedly exists to protect. There’s something exceptionally hideous and ghoulish about parents who have raised the money all by themselves — who will therefore not require any drain on the government’s precious stolen reserves — being denied the opportunity even to try to save their son’s life simply because some bureaucrats would be offended by confronting their own worthlessness. Every single tax-sponge "working" for the NHS — and every judge who decided to murder this poor, innocent baby — is an utterly reprehensible excuse for a human being.

While we’re on the topic, it’s nice to see that I finally have something good to say about the marxoid heretic play-acting at the papacy, as Pope Stalin I came down four-square in favor of the government actually doing the right thing. President Trump did the same, and congress actually engaged in the extraordinary step of suspending all the immigration laws and granting the Gard family lawful permanent residency so they could get their poor little boy the treatment that maybe — or maybe not, for sure — would have saved his life. If only their own hideous warlords were willing to give him a chance.

Yes, thank you, I understand that this post reads more like a thesaurus entry for "evil" than it does a proper essay. Quite frankly, I think it’s warranted. There’s simply nothing further I can say about this case that isn’t merely a stream of swear words, and we don’t do swear words in this town. We keep a civil tongue in our heads, as I find myself constantly in need of reminding today.

I am a pacifist. It is my considered opinion that the initiation of force is always wrong in every circumstance. This is neither the time nor the place to delve into the philosophical depths of this position; I bring this up merely for context, so that when I say that any official criminal who arrives on my doorstep intending to snatch my baby will be removed from the property several ounces of lead heavier than when he arrived, you may understand just how seriously I intend it. This will be wrong. I accept this, but I will do it anyway, and may God have mercy on my soul. The long-term consequences will not be in my favor. I accept this as well, and I do not care what the non-dead parasites think.

There’s just one other thing I wish to point out here. It’s not going to be easy.

On Thursday, [mother Connie] Yates said the couple had been denied their "final wish" to have more time with him after a High Court judge ruled that he would be moved to a hospice and have his life support withdrawn soon after.

That is correct: the government refused to allow the parents so much as the absurd scrap of determining how and when their precious baby boy would be callously exterminated by government garbage that considers him a burden. Since no "agreement" was reached, the state unilaterally declared him unworthy of life with no input from his parents whatsoever.

I’m sorry. Give me a moment to compose myself, or I’ll behave inappropriately.

No, never mind. I don’t even care.

Fuck you, "Mr. Justice Francis," and the entire horrid, evil, reprehensible farce you amount to the tiniest, most worthless part of. Mother fuck you. May you and every other valueless piece of human filth who rubber-stamped the execution of a wonderful little baby boy in the face of treatment that would have cost you nothing and may have saved his life endure a thousand lifetimes of torment in the hottest, most excruciating pits of Hell. You are irredeemable, incomprehensible savages.

As for all the rest of you who may have, at one time, expressed support for a government-run medical establishment: you need to take a long, hard look at your moral compass. It’s badly in need of calibration. This is what you support. May God have mercy on your soul.

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